Interview of My Mother

What is your favorite color?          Black

What are your favorite hobbies?         Watch movies, Watch sports, Family time

Where is your favorite place to shop?        New York & Company

What is your favorite food?        Chicken Wings

What is your favorite game?        Pet Rescue Saga

What is your favorite animal?       Monkey

What is your favorite movie?        Dumb & Dumber

What is your favorite flower?        Daisy

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?       Cherry Cordial

I asked my mother these simple questions because I feel like I know her, but not the little things that I should know about her. I like to spend time with my mom and I like to hang out with her, but I never ask her these simple questions that are so dumb but yet so important. She is making me laugh at this very moment while I was writing this and I would not change our relationship for anything.


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