Snow in the School Parking Lot

This morning I pulled into school and I could not find my parking spot because it was covered in snow. It snowed the previous night and the snow was still on the ground this morning. The rows of cars were all crooked and there was not much space for the other student drivers to get in their spots because nobody knew where their spots were. There were people telling me that another girl and I pulled in the onto the wrong parking spots.

Keaton said “Carly, you know that you parked really far back and all the spaces are crooked right?”

I said “No, well I couldn’t see my parking spot so just let it happen, Keaton.”

After Keaton told me this, Jayson Chapman also approached me with the same objective.

“Carly you parked so far back that nobody else can get in their parking spots” said Jayson.

I said, “Well Jayson, I was parallel with the car parked beside me and she was there first so is technically all her fault.”

So, I left my car in the spot that I had originally parked in even though I could not see the numbers on the parking spaces.


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