There are so many different colleges to choose from all over the United States and even throughout the world. Picking the right college for yourself is so stressful and important because that is where you will be spending the next four years of your life! I have been narrowing down my choices of colleges based on my major, the campus, the size of the campus and how close it is to home. I like big campuses because I will not see the same people everyday. Big colleges will give me an opportunity to meet someone new everyday and make new memories with those people. I would like to stay relatively close to home so I can visit my family. After lots of searching, I think I have finally decided on the college that I will call my home for four years after high school and I couldn’t be any more excited about it! I am excited to experience a new chapter of my life with new friends and what the future will hold.

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“College Fund” by 401(k) 2012 is free to reuse under a public domain license.


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