In the Name of the Game

Softball is my favorite sport. I live, eat, and breathe softball. I enjoy playing the game of softball because it is so unpredictable. While playing, the feeling of adrenaline in a close game is unbeatable. As a pitcher, knowing that the team behind me supports me from the beginning of the game to the end of the game, that’s all i could ever as for in a teammate.  The game can change within a matter of seconds. While I am playing the game I love, I get to spend time with my teammates in hotel rooms and on the field. It is so nice to see them every weekend and get away from seeing the same people from my school every day. My teammates are from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. I enjoy traveling with my teammates that strive for the same goal that I have, getting recruited to play college softball. I have met so many friends from playing the game of softball, and I wouldn’t trade those friendships for anything. The game can change within a matter of seconds, and I play the game just waiting for the change of game to happen. I love the game of softball and all the memories and opportunities it has created for me.

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“Softball” by Britt Leckman is shared under a public domain


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