The ‘What If’ Moment

Have you ever asked yourself a question that involved the words “what if?” What if things were different? Today, I asked myself the ‘what if ‘ questions. There was a car accident today involving someone very close to me. After I had gotten the news, I sat back and asked myself all sorts of questions. The one question that came to my head more than others was “what if he wasn’t okay?” How would things be different? What if he would’ve left the house a little bit later? would he have actually arrived to church safe if he would’ve left a few minutes later? I will never know, but the question will still remain unanswered in my head. Thankfully he is okay, but would this have happened is he did something different that morning? These questions all go unanswered and nobody can answer them. I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, but why? If everything happens for a reason, then what was the reason he looked down at the radio for a split second? What if he hadn’t looked at the radio? I may have asked myself all of these questions, but I will never know how this happened. I am very thankful that everything happens for a reason. Because everything happens for a reason, my friend had his seatbelt on, my friend was okay, and he has no injuries. There is a lesson behind every reason. Today I learned, as well as my friend, that something can change within the blink of an eye.prayer



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