Single Story of Juniors in High School

Most people see juniors in high school as cliquey groups of people. There are many separate groups of people in high school like the jocks, the cheerleaders, the “nerds”, emo’s, and druggies. Not necessarily everyone fits a particular group. Many people put this stereotype on high schoolers because sometimes it can be true. The football players hang out with football players and the cheerleaders hang out with the cheerleaders. People just find others with common interests of theirs and they seclude others from joining their groups. There are also the people who don’t have a group to fit into so they are in their own group that would be considered the “loners.” Not everyone that is by themselves is always alone. A way that any high schooler could break the single story of our class would be to go outside of your comfort zone. If someone, or a “loner”, is sitting at a lunch table by themselves then you should go sit with them. This is a good way to meet new people and break away from the everyday cliques. Anyone could break the single story by just being nice and considerate of others.Placeholder Image


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